Carleens Coffee & Country Catering

Spicing It Up and Drinking It Down



We do small espresso/coffee events,  we have a single group portable espresso machine, grinder and all of the equipment to be able to provide our full line of espresso products.   Iced and Hot Espresso, Granitas and  Smoothies.

We carry our full line of Instant Beverage mixes, Spice Blends and Meat Rubs at our events and available on line for purchase. We provide shipping to those that would like to purchase on-line and/or ship to other locations. 

We  donate 10% of our net profit for cancer awareness or if at a fundraising event will donate toward that cause.  Depending on the event we will also offer a gift basket for raffle, with proceeds also going toward the event supported.

We bring our Instant Beverage mixes, Spice Blends and Meat Rubs to specified local bazaars/events.  My recipes are created from a basic ingrediant list and my own blends are added for an original taste. I am a licensed processor in Yakima which allows me to create, package and label my own products.  I offer a variation of items to the public, we offer an idea of what to use my Spice Blends on with the idea that they are for multi purpose uses, after trying them on our choices get creative and use them on your favorite foods.  I offer salt free products as well as Instant Beverage Mixes that are regular, sugar free and reduced sugar.  I offer 4 different meat rubs which can be used on a variety of meats for baking, barbequing and frying. 

Book your events at least Six (6) months in advance to assure availability.